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Office Gallery Wall

So we’ve all done a gallery wall.  Remember those posters you put up on your bedroom wall as a kids?

Gallery Wall

Gallery wall. It just wasn’t as refined as we would have them look as adults.

I worked at the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. for one year and it made me fall in love with art which is probably why I’m a huge proponent of gallery walls. You can mix and match pictures or have a consistent theme. Whatever you decide, have fun.

My latest project is you guessed it, a gallery wall full of black and white inspirational quotes because well we all need to be reminded to be great. Since I’m turning my home office into a cloffice (closet/office) I also added a few fashion pictures.

And I did it all for under $50. I purchased prints (the most expensive was $5) from www.etsy.com and went to Staples to have them printed on quality paper for less than $1/each. I used existing frames from Ikea (Ribba) and voila a chic wall was created.

Dorm Room Gallery Wall

You can find cheap frames at thrift stores and paint or purchase them inexpensively from a craft store.

I’ve incorporated gallery walls into dorm room projects, bathrooms and kids rooms. If you choose to do one in a kids room, allow the children to make their own art using paint colors from the colors scheme in their rooms for a cohesive look.

The fun thing about a gallery wall is that you can choose any layout, whether straight and coordinated or haphazard.   I’ve done all types and am happy with each and every one.

Create art for your kids room gallery wall

Want to try one and still don’t know where to begin? Contact us here.

Accessories By Demand

I’m sharing 3 easy ways to change your decor inexpensively.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may recognize different designs with the same furniture pieces and wonder what’s different. Well I’ll tell you. There are 3 key accessories that I switch out regularly to keep my home updated. No matter what room in your home, follow this rule and your home is sure to stay fresh.

And don’t be afraid to have fun with your accessories.

Pillows – the easiest way to change the look without spending a fortune. Prices can range from $10-$100 but I normally stick to $20. Small investment,big result. I like bold colors to go with my monochromatic decor but you can mix and match any style or color.

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